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Medieval Salamander by Evometheus6082
Medieval Salamander
Made for GFBBLU (meaning, ‘Group-For-Bookwyrms, Blue’) 
Made with blue and purple wonder-loom rubber-bands, pipe cleaners and yellow pom pom as eyes.

 Small lizard, with stars or spots on it. Sometimes described as being in the shape of a man. 
Features They are cold, and impervious to fire- if placed in a fire, a salamander will put it out. (Salambeander is Greek for chimney-man) Very poisonous- if it wraps itself around a tree, all of the fruit will become poisoned. Asbestos was at first believed to be salamander wool.

Symbolizes The salamander is a symbol of enduring faith, or courage, that cannot be destroyed.
Described By: Pliny- "This animal is so intensely cold as to extinguish fire by its contact, in the same way that ice does.  It spits out a milky matter from its mouth, and whatever part of the human body is touched with this all the hairs fall off, and the part assumes the appearance of leprosy."

Isidore of Seville-  "The Salamander is so called because it is strong against fire; and amid all poisons its power is the greatest. For other {poisonous animals} strike individuals; this slays very many at the same time; for if it crawls up a tree, it infects all the fruit with poison and slays those who eat it...It fights against fires, and alone among living things, extinguishes them.  For it lives in the midst of flames without pain and without being consumed, and not only is it not burned, but it puts the fire out." (Brehaut, 1912)

General Attributes

The salmander is a cold animal. It can live unharmed in a fire, and its coldness will extinguish the hottest flames. If it enters hot water, the water will become cold.

From the salamander comes a material that is unlike any other cloth; when it becomes dirty, it must be thrown into a fire, which will consume the dirt without harming the cloth. This cloth is made in the deserts of India, and is worn by important people. This is a good description of asbestos, which some sources link with the salamander.

The salmander's poison is very strong, and can kill many at once. If it climbs an apple tree, the apples become poisonous; if it enters a well, the water becomes deadly.


The salamander represents righteous people, who can withstand fire, just as Daniel could emerge unharmed from the fiery furnace.

Sources (chronological order)

Pliny the Elder [1st century CE] (Natural History, Book 10, 86): The salamander is a shaped like alizard, but is covered with spots. A salamander is so cold that it puts out fire on contact. It vomits from its mouth a milky liquid; if this liquid touches any part of the human body it causes all the hair to fall off, and the skin to change color and break out in a rash. Salamanders only appear when it rains and disappear in fine weather. (Book 11, 116): It is fatal to drink water or wine when a salamander has died in it, as is drinking from a vessel from which the creature has drunk.

Augustine [5th century CE] (City of God, Book 21, chapter 4): If the salamander lives in fire, as naturalists have recorded, this is a sufficiently convincing example that everything which burns is not consumed, as the souls in hell are not.

Isidore of Seville [7th century CE] (Etymologies, Book 12, 4:36): The salamander alone of animals puts out fires; it can live in fire without pain and without being burned. Of all the venomous animals its strength is the greatest because it kills many at once. If it crawls into a tree it poisons all of the fruit, and anyone who eats the fruit will die; if it falls in a well it poisons the water so that any who drink it die.


The salamander commonly is illustrated as a lizard in or moving through a fire. The effect of the salamander's poison is also commonly illustrated. Kongelige Bibliotek, Gl. kgl. S. 1633 4º (f. 55v) shows a large salamander, with its tail in a fire, poisoning an apple tree; a dying man, holding an apple, lies on the ground below. Museum Meermanno, MMW, 10 B 25 (f. 43r) shows the salamander as a snake spiraling up an apple tree; the snake has an apple in its mouth, making the scene very similar to some manuscript illustrations of the temptation of Eve. A man holding an apple stands near the tree, a hand to his head and looking sick.


Qijianglong by Evometheus6082

Made from pipe cleaners and wonder-loom rubber-bands, Head made in the fashion of the Chinese and other east Asian Dragons

Made for GFBBLU (meaning, ‘Group-For-Bookwyrms, Blue’) 

Although many Chinese dinosaurs were named after dragons, this one in particular was named so because of it's extremely long neck, which reminded paleontologists of traditional dragons from Chinese culture, which have long, serpentine bodies.

Qijianglong (pronounced "CHI-jyang-lon") was about 45 feet long and lived about 160 million years ago in the Late Jurassic. The name means "dragon of Qijiang," for its discovery near Qijiang City, close to Chongqing, and the fossil site was found by construction workers in 2006. The dig eventually came upon a series of large neck vertebrae stretched out in the ground - with the head of the dinosaur was still attached. 

"It is rare to find a head and neck of a long-necked dinosaur together because the head is so small and easily detached after the animal dies," says University of Alberta PhD student Tetsuto Miyashita.  "China is home to the ancient myths of dragons. I wonder if the ancient Chinese stumbled upon a skeleton of a long-necked dinosaur like Qijianglong and pictured that mythical creature." 

The new species belongs to a group of dinosaurs called mamenchisaurids, known for their extremely long necks sometimes measuring up to half the length of their bodies. Most sauropods, or long-necked dinosaurs, have necks only about one third the length of their bodies. 

Unique among mamenchisaurids, Qijianglong had neck vertebrae that were filled with air, making their necks relatively lightweight despite their enormous size. Interlocking joints between the vertebrae also indicate a surprisingly stiff neck that was much more mobile bending vertically than sideways, similar to a construction crane.

"Qijianglong is a cool animal. If you imagine a big animal that is half-neck, you can see that evolution can do quite extraordinary things." says Miyashita. 

Mamenchisaurids are only found in Asia, but the discovery of Qijianglong reveals that there could be as many differences among mamenchisaurids as there are between long-necked dinosaurs from different continents.

"Qijianglong shows that long-necked dinosaurs diversified in unique ways in Asia during Jurassic times--something very special was going on in that continent," says Miyashita. "Nowhere else we can find dinosaurs with longer necks than those in China. The new dinosaur tells us that these extreme species thrived in isolation from the rest of the world."

Miyashita believes that mamenchisaurids evolved into many different forms when other long-necked dinosaurs went extinct in Asia. "It is still a mystery why mamenchisaurids did not migrate to other continents," he says. It is possible that the dinosaurs were once isolated as a result of a large barrier such as a sea, and lost in competition with invading species when the land connection was restored later.

The Qijianglong skeleton is now housed in a local museum in Qijiang.
Swedish Short-Snout Dragon by Evometheus6082
Swedish Short-Snout Dragon
The Swedish Short-Snout is a dragon native to Sweden. It lives in wild, uninhabited areas, mostly the northern mountains of Sweden.

Made for 
GFBBLU (meaning, ‘Group-For-Bookwyrms, Blue’) 


The trophy awarded to the winner of the annual broom race betweenKopparberg and Arjeplog is designed after the Swedish Short-Snout.

In the 1994 Triwizard TournamentCedric Diggory, of Hogwarts, had to face a Short-Snout in the First Task. He Transfigured a rock into a dogto distract the dragon, and retrieved the Golden egg that it was guarding.

Swedish Short-Snout
Species information
Skin colour=Silvery Blue
Related to See Dragon
Native range= Sweden
Length of average adult= 22ft
Ministry of Magic Classification= XXXXX
Status =Beast

Description and traits

The scales are silvery blue, and its powerful flame is also a brilliant blue colour - and hot enough to reduce timber and bone to ashes in seconds. Its attractive skin is much sought after for the making of gloves and shields.

Since it rarely comes into contact with humans, the Short-Snout has less deaths to its name than most dragons. However, the Short-Snout is nevertheless one of the most dangerous species due to its agile flying and the extremely hot fire that it produces. The Short-Snout tends to be less agile on the ground because of its lack of forward limbs.

Spider owl by Evometheus6082
Spider owl
A owl with spider legs and 6 eyes oh my gosh
Happy Halloween
Forest demon by Evometheus6082
Forest demon
Part Owl
Part Bear
Part tree
All monstrous and hungry for humans
Happy Halloween and be careful in the woods
THIS weekend in downtown Houston I am selling my craft animals to the public and I hope to make lots of money wish me luck look up 
Amazing Houston Comic Con for more information.
See ya


East vs West
The Eastern lung dragon or the European dragon who will win?



Zach moss
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
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Born in 4/29/1994 in Berlin Germany. I like to take pictures of animals and mushrooms for project Noah and to make pipe-cleaner lifeforms and have higher functioning autism.

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